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How long does it take to receive the vents?
I am currently running 3 to 7 days for manufacturing. Typically if you order by midnight on Sunday, your order will be ready for shipping on Wednesday or Thursday. If you order by midnight on Wednesday, your order will get shipped on Monday. Times can vary. From Time to Time I can have shortages in different species (very rare). I will contact you if there are any issues with supply. I ship from the Niagara Falls area and use UPS Ground. Shipping times vary from 3 to 5 days based on your location.

How do I know what size I need?
Measure the opening in your floor, wall or ceiling. The width and length of your opening should match the duct opening sizes.

What about odd sizes?
We offer custom sizes on our Egg Crate Style Vents, please use our contact page for further assistance.

What colors do you offer?
We currently only offer Clear Coat in Satin and Semi Gloss. We also offer the vents unfinished and ready for your own stain choice.

What species of wood do you offer?
Our vents are manufactured in Red Oak, White Oak, 1/4 Sawn White Oak, Maple, Poplar, Ash, Hickory, Fir, Cherry, Walnut, White Pine, Mahogany, and Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba).

What is a self-rimming vent?
A self-rimming vent is one that sits on the surface of an installed floor.

What is a flush-mount vent?
A flush-mount vent sits flush with 3/4" hardwood floor. It is recommended that this vent be installed with the hardwood floor.

What is a cold-air return?
A cold-air return is a vent that is usually much larger than a standard heating vent. These are usually wall-mounted and are positioned in line with the baseboard.

How do I finish an unfinished register?
All of Vents are Hand sanded with 220 grit sandpaper so they are ready to take a finish.
Stain and wipe all surfaces of the register.
Allow to dry thoroughly then apply three coats of clear finish to all surfaces with a light sanding in between.

What is your return policy?
All of our vents are made to order and unfortunatly are not returnable.

Do you provide customer service?
Please fill out email form on our contact page and a representative will be pleased to help you.